Produzent und Handelsunternehmen für Oleo-Chemikalien und verwandte Produkte

Mosselman S. A. bietet Ihnen alle Rohstoffe für Ihren oleo-chemikalischen Bedarf aus einer Quelle. Flexibilität, technische Beratung und Kosteneffektivität ermöglichen es uns, mehr als 600 Produkte in über 60 Länder weltweit zu liefern.

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03 Okto.
Mosselman has obtained the renewal of its certification ISO 9001 & FCA - GMP Feed

Mosselman SA is happy to announce that the company has obtained the renewal of its certification ISO 9001 following the transition to the 2015’s version. Quality management has always been one of our top priorities. Please find the new certificate in French, Dutch, German and English in the tab “Library” of our website. This certificate is valid until 07/09/2021.
Mosselman also got the FCA – GMP feed re-certification. The French and English versions of this certificate could be found as well in the “Library” tab and are valid until 26/08/2021.
We wish to thank you for your trust and we are delighted to pursue our collaboration with all our customers and suppliers !

29 März
Mosselman is now supplying in more than 70 countries

Thanks to a history in export, Mosselman is now supplying its oleochemicals in more than 70 countries.
Goods are dispatched directly from our warehouse in Belgium, taking benefit of the proximity of the two harbours of Antwerp and Rotterdam as well as a central position in the European highway network.